Typical Properties / Applications

Typical Properties

Type Temperature for dissolving treatment Size Availavle
(T:dtex / F:filament)
Dry tenacity
Dry elongation
Solubility in water
Shrinkage in water
Shrinkage stress in water
(water temperature)
At 25℃ At 25℃
SH 95℃ or higher
62T/18F 3.3~4.3 11~18 89~97 35~55
0~5 0.04~0.15
SF 55℃ or higher
3.3~4.4 11~24 31~41 40~60
SS 30℃ or higher
2.7~3.7 15~25 15~24
Dope dyed yarn
SF 55℃ or higher
62T/18F(Red/Blue) 3.2~4.2 11~21 31~41 40~60
- 0.10~0.30
High-Shrinking yarn
SHC 90℃ or higher
250T/100F 3.8~5.0 10~18 81~89 55~65
40~50 0.20~0.40

* The following is also available. [Twist yarn / Ply yarn]

<Cautions when using>

  • Temperature and humidity control

    Please take care to keep dry, as Solvron® is likely to be influenced by humidity.
    For example, opening a box of Solvron® that has just been transferred from a cold storage area to a warm working area may cause condensation to form on the surface of the yarn. This, in turn , can lead to partial dissolving and difficulty with unreeling.
    Boxed Solvron® should be given 24-48 hours to adapt to any significant change in temperature before the box is opened.

  • Storage Methods

    Avoid high temperature and humidity. For long-term storage, store at a temperature of 15-25℃ and humidity of 50-70% RH.

  • Restrictions on Use

    Solvron® shrinks rapidly when wet. Do not immerse it in water while wrapped around a body part, as it is dangerous.

Leading Applications

Solvron® is used in many applications, taking advantage of its unique characteristics.

Improving Productivity and Added Functionality

For production of twistless yarn, hard-twist yarn and hollow yarn
For reinforcement of ultra-fine yarn / fluffy yarn
For open work design of woven fabric
For pile-knit fabric without using a special machine