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About Nitivy

Nitivy Company Limited is the exclusive producer of Polyvinyl Alcohol Synthetic Yarns, manufactured by the Dry Spinning Method.

Nitivy Company was internationally the first company to overcome significant technical difficulties to successfully develop the Dry Spinning Method for industrial use.

In order to use the Dry Spinning Method to its maximum advantage, Nitivy has specialized in the development of various types of PVA filament yarns (Vinylon) namely the water-soluble variety called "Solvron" and the high tenacity non water-soluble variety called "Filament Vinylon". Production of these yarns began in October 1963.

Furthermore, we started to manufacture NITIVY Continuous Alumina Fiber ALF™ as a new business in 1992. NITIVY ALF™ was jointly developed by NITIVY's Dry Spinning Technology and DENKA ALCEN's(Denka Co.,Ltd.) alumina short fiber manufacturing technology.
NITIVY ALF™ offers thermal shock resistance, electrical insulation properties and good chemical resistance.It is expected that NITIVY ALF™ will be used in a wide range of applications which require high temperature environments of up to 1300℃.
We are now expanding our NITIVY ALF™ business worldwide and in various fields.

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