Chopped Fiber

About Chopped Fiber

NITIVY ALF Chopped fibers are made from NITIVY ALF fibers that offer excellent thermal resistance, electrical insulation properties and good chemical resistance.

NITIVY ALF Chopped fibers can be used in combination with ceramics, metals, plastics, etc. as a reinforcement to improve mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance.
The fibers can be chopped to 0.1mm-60mm upon customer request.

NITIVY ALF Chopped fibers are chopped from NITIVY ALF continuous fiber so they have a uniform filament diameter, small variance in chopped lengths and are completely free from non-fiber particles.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or inquiries.

Typical Properties of Chopped Fiber

Item Value
Chemical composition(%) Al2O3 : SiO2 = 72 : 28
Filament diameter(μm) 7
Filament length(mm) 0.1~60
Density(g/cm3) 2.9
Crystal phase γ-Al2O3

The above are typical values only.

Typical Properties

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