President's Message

We were established as Nihon Vinylon Co., Ltd., an exclusive producer of vinylon filament that is a synthetic fiber developed using solely Japanese technology, in December 1961, and reorganized as present-day Nitivy Co., Ltd. in August 1970 to manufacture and sell Solvron® water-soluble yarn and NITIVY ALF™ continuous alumina fiber (alumina filament).
Ever since our establishment, we have provided creative and high-quality functional fibers through the utilization of our original technologies, such as spinning and processing technologies, based on our unique dry spinning method. These products, used in a wide variety of fields such as textiles, steel and semiconductors, play important roles as high-function products.

We celebrated the 50th anniversary since the commencement of our business as Nitivy Co., Ltd. in 2020, thanks to the support of our customers and many others stakeholders.
With the philosophy of providing creative and high-quality products to our customers, we will continue to pursue innovative new materials and technologies based on the traditions and unique technologies inherited from our predecessors, and strive to contribute to the development of society by providing excellent products and services.