Dissolving Method

About Solvron® Dissolving Method

Solvron® is a water-soluble vinylon made using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).
It dissolves in water through the process shown in the diagram.

Please contact us for available material on Solvron®’s detailed properties and usage.

Solvron® Dissolving Method

Please note the following to save energy and improve the quality of the product.

1. Dissolution Temperature

  • Depending on the type of Solvron® used, please heat up the treatment bath water to the desired temperature in advance before adding the material to be dissolved.
  • During the dissolution process, please continue heating to maintain the temperature of the treatment bath water.

2. Dissolution Bath Ratio

  • Please use a large amount of bath water to disperse the dissolved Solvron®.
    (The suitable bath-ratio of water to Solvron® is 1:30 based on weight)

3. Dissolving Time

  • The dissolving time differs depending on the usage conditions.
    Ex.) It takes about 10-20 minutes if the Solvron® is in direct contact with the treatment bath water, and about 30-60 minutes depending on the extent of weaving and knitting.

4. Dissolution Facilitation

  • It is easier for the material to dissolve, if it has less tension and the treatment bath is stirred sufficiently.

5. Rinsing

  • After dissolving the Solvron®, rinse the material again in overflowing new warm water to completely remove the Solvron®.
    (Note) If the Solvron® remains after the Solvron® dissolution process and is left to dry, it is extremely difficult to re-dissolve it.

6. Factors Affecting Dissolution

  • When dry heat setting, the temperature for dissolving treatment may increase depending on the temperature.
  • If tension is applied during dissolution, the temperature for dissolving treatment may increase.
  • Solubility will decrease in the presence of formalin, heavy metals or other materials.
    (Note) Dissolution may not always be possible, depending on the circumstances.

7. Wastewater Treatment

  • The activated sludge method is effective in treating wastewater with Solvron®.