Our Mission


We are committed to contributing to the development of society by providing excellent products and services and pursuing innovative new materials and technologies.


We aim to be a company that continues to create unique value that is useful to our customers through innovative technology.
We strive to create unique value useful to our customers through innovative technology.

  • We will continue to create more value using unique technologies and new ideas and innovation.
  • We will also always continue to take on the challenge of developing new businesses and markets with the aim of global expansion.
  • Respecting the humanity of each of our employees, we aim to be an energetic company where they can grow while feeling a sense of purpose and can fully demonstrate their abilities.
  • We will always aim to maximize social value through our business activities.

Quality Policy

We comply with applicable laws and regulations in accordance with the quality requirements of customers and provide highly reliable products that fulfill our product standards and quality criteria.

  • We pursue the requirements of customers and work toward achieving higher customer satisfaction by efficiently manufacturing and providing more reliable and better quality products.
  • We comply with the provisions of the quality management system and strive to enhance the effectiveness of quality assurance activities.
  • We establish and implement annual quality goals (action plans).

Environmental Policy

As a member of the Katakura Group, we aim to be a company that proactively and voluntarily achieves coexistence with the environment in order to help create a sound and fulfilling society while embracing the principles of trust, sincerity and cooperation.