Solvron Cloth

About Solvron Cloth

Among many applications,the cloth woven of SOLVRON has already established a predominant position as an ideal Base-Cloth for guipure embroidery,replacing the hitherto used silk cloth or some man-made fibers which are dissolvable only by the chemical agents. The following is the features of SOLVRON ground cloth in this particular field:

Solvron Cloth
  1. 1. On SOLVRON cloth,any type of embroidering thread,natural,man-made,in any color combination,may safely be used,since the cloth dissolves away easily by plain hot water.
  2. 2. Treatments by caustic soda solution or by some other chemicals,which are necessary for dissolving silk cloth,etc., frequency cause discoloration or weakening of the embroidery.SOLVRON cloth,because of its dissolving by plain hot water alone,positivery safeguards the embroidery from these risks.
  1. 3. SOLVRON cloth allows exquisite stitching works,and,once fixed on the Schiffli machine-frame,upholds an equal tension and tightness throughout the stitching process.
About Solvron®

Dissolving Process for Solvron

1st Stage

Before starting the work of dissolving, it is recommended to wash away Tinting agents, Kiton dyesturff in water, which are used for the purpose of distinguishing SOLVRON from other fabrics and of easily finding out of the deffect of embroidery-stitchings.


2nd Stage

Heat up the water at first upto the needed temperature, and then, dip the embroidered base cloth itself sufficiently, so that the base cloth may dissolve rappidly.


3rd Stage

Change the water and then also stir the water and cloth. Continual over flowing of hot water is desired.


  1. 1. Bath ratio: The hot water should be sufficient enough to facilitate prompt dissolution and also to allow free moving of the cloth, and even to prevent saturation. Effective bath-ratio of loomstate and water is over 1:30 weightwise.
  2. 2. Dissolving Time: It differs upon the type of SOLVRON used, dissolving device, stitching number of embroidering.
Type Temperature for dissolving treatment
GTS 65℃ up (149°F)